Xenchem limited is dedicated to provide environment friendly liquid-solid separation solutions.  Water is a precious resource, as the human activities grow and diversify the need for clean water keeps growing and putting pressure on the limited clean water resources.  At Xenchem we understand this importance and offer a complete range of environment friendly solutions.

Our range of polymers and specialty chemicals are formulated for a wide range of water treatment activities. With our solid – liquid separation technology we are able to provide treatment solutions for;

Water treatment facilities.

Waste water treatment facilities.

High performance advanced polymers for various industrial applications.

Varying conditions demands a water/waste water treatment program that needs to be customized and applied with close monitoring. With regularly monitoring of the water quality in the treatment plant and making prompt recommendations for adjustments enables us to meet effluent standards promptly and with accurate results. We have a team of experienced liquid-solid separation personnel that can help us meet any effluent standards.


Xenchem Ltd offers quality services in all its operations, we understand the importance of being right the first time, and in addition to that we do offer a comprehensive backup support of all products and service we offer. With many years of experience, and real focus on customer satisfaction  we provide a professional service you can count on.

  • Laboratory Supplies

    Laboratory Supplies

    Xenchem Ltd has a wide range of laboratory supplies. Whatever your laboratory needs we are confident we will be able to offer quality instruments and supplies at competitive rates.

  • Filters For Water Filtration

    Filters For Water Filtration

    Xenchem ltd understands the importance of having quality filtration system. Whatever you’re Industrial application, our filters can be of excellent choice.

  • Chemicals For Water/Waste Water Treatment

    Chemicals For Water/Waste Water Treatment

    We offer services for a wide range of waste water treatment both industrial and municipal.


Xenchem limited is committed to provide quality products and services to the manufacturing industry. We offer process chemicals for liquid – Solid separation for various applications including water and waste water treatment. Along with process chemicals we deal in laboratory supplies ranging from instrumentation to reagents, kits and glassware. We also deal with filters cartridges for various industrial applications, whatever is your filtration need, we can assess and offer you quality filters that are efficient and offer lower maintenance over conventional filter cartridges.



Xenchem started as a dream to establish a business that would provide quality products and services to the manufacturing industry. Xenchem has an experienced team of professionals, with many years of trade experience both domestic and international. We have a strong history of providing products and services to the manufacturing industry, which we would like to share with our valued customers.

Xenchem is a subsidiary concern of Khan Associates, Located in Lahore, Pakistan which has been in the trading business of process chemicals and supplies for over 25 years. Xenchem with the collaboration of Khan Associates can offer you simple solutions that are affordable, and we offer complete support on all services and products offered.

Xenchem Ltd is located in Calgary AB. and actively pursuing formation of partnerships, good partnerships lead to successful ventures. At Xenchem we believe complex concerns can be resolved with simple solutions.

Xenchem: Complex Concerns – Simple Solutions


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Xenchem started as a dream to establish a business that would provide quality products and services to the manufacturing industry. Xenchem Ltd is located in Calgary and offers simple solutions that are affordable, with complete support offered for all of our services and products.

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  • Filter supplies and replacement support
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